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# In March we are busy harvesting, preserving and planting for the winter....

# Sow seeds of parsnips , carrots, swedes, turnips and broad beans . Plant seedlings of spinach, kale, silver beet, bok choy and pak choi. And also cabbage, cauli., and broccoli. Remember to plant a few different vegetables each fortnight, rather than having everything ready to eat at the same time.

#  Sow sweet pea seed for spring flowering. Soak seed overnight in water before sowing.Add sheep pellets, lime and compost to soil before sowing and then watch slugs and snails don't eat them as they germinate.

# Spring flowering bulbs are beginning to appear in garden centres. Be in early for those popular or rare varieties.

# Take cuttings of roses, fuchsia, lavender and buxus. Use last springs growth which is now semi- hard, dip in clonex and put into a very gritty mix, such as cacti or propagating mix.

# If you notice ants running up and down stems of citrus or shrubs in sheltered positions, they are usually infested with scale insect. Spray with conqueror oil and shield. This will smoother scale, and kill off scale larvae and the sooty mould.

 # New varieties of flower annuals will be available now,to replace petunias etc. Get pansy, primula etc in now while it is still warm and they will flower all winter.

# Autumn is a good time to renew or patch up your lawn. Yates Quick Fix, is worth considering.