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# Longer days are welcomed and warmer temperatures[we hope]

# October is a busy month, particularly in the vegetable garden. But be warned, some things prefer it quite warm so wait until end of month.

# Start to fertilise…as with warmer soils and moisture plants put on good growth, especially citrus, roses and fruit trees.

# Sow carrot and parsnip seed. Put a board on row of parsnip. This keeps them moist during germination. Don’t forget to take it off after 10 days. Take time to sow carrots or use seed tapes so you don’t have to thin.

# Sow pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini etc. seeds in peat pots in warm spot, too plant out at end of month, without having to disturb them.

#  Still time to plant a few potatoes for Christmas dinner. Choose a variety that matures in 80 to 90days e.g Allura, Jersey Benne, Purple Passion or Rocket.

# Give garlic a feed of liquid food or worm wee every 3 weeks to ensure a bumper size clump.

# Be on bug patrol. Slugs and snails, and aphids can be quietly destroying your treasures.

# Labour weekend is the traditional time to plant tomatoes, cucumbers and kumara, and this is still the case.

# Fertilise and spray lawns. Don’t cut lawns too low. Raise lawnmower blades and mow more often.

# Enjoy this busy time….