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Holidays are coming and students will be spending it in different ways – from tinkering around the house and going out through brushing up on math and considering what degree they’ll take up in college. Whatever they do, we hope to inspire them to get excited about something new, and make use of their unstructured time to find their passion.

We’ve gathered resources on different topics so that you can share it and help spark their interest in something new, from STEM through human stories. Among the many resources that our team gathered, here are the ones that we think will be more useful (and fun!):

Dynamics of Space Flight - NASA

Understanding Flight Dynamics

ScienceNews for Students

Math Calculators - organized by Subject, Topic & Difficulty


Fix-It Literacy Guide

Become an Engineer

Become a Doctor: Preparing for the MCAT

World Culture

Cultural Norms and Anomalies in Rural Morocco

The Encyclopedia of Earth - Geography

I hope these resources will help you help your students learn and have fun this summer.

All the best,

Jasmine Dyoco
Educator Labs