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Jenny has been awarded her 50 year service Bar and a WAGGGS Asia Pacific Leaders award for Commissioners. 

The Asia Pacific Award recognises achievement a Leader has made to the Asia Pacific Area.
This was her citation sent to back up these awards.
We are extremely proud of her and she continues to be a super star for Waipukurau and GirlGuidingNZ.

Jenny Reynolds

Jenny constantly connects with and is well known in her community through Guiding.  She has worked with the community to set up Guiding advertising displays in shop windows, found a building/company that will store their biscuits every season, and has always supported leaders to run Guiding stalls on the main street market days. 

Jenny always attends trainings that are necessary to her role

she became the District Coordinator for what was Waipukurau district, and has continued this role this year as their Local Coordinator. 

I hold her in high esteem as she has such a continuous positive impact on Guiding in her team.

Jenny has helped to plan and organise many events, from local tree planting, to participation in the local Christmas parade, as well as many regional events.  She has also supported events incredibly well, helping to organise transport for her girls to attend events (which they most often have to travel a distance to get to), as a lot of the girls’ parents in her area cannot get them to events that are a distance away.

Many girls in her ranger unit have achieved their Queen’s Guide awards, and one previous Queen’s Guide has recently returned to the area as a leader, because of the love of Guiding that has been instilled in her.

Jenny’s units offer their girls a fantastic range of experiences, such as regular tramps and camps, special award events (planned by the girls), trips to a huge variety of places (such as Dannevirke to look at real trebuchet’s in action, the hot pools in Napier etc), opportunities to attend regional events etc.

Jenny’s District meetings in the past have been well run.  She listens to her leaders, addresses concerns, creates plans, works with her leaders and the Scouts to look after the shared hall, passes on knowledge and information from the RMT and RST meetings and also takes things back to the teams on behalf of her district, and ensures all leaders feel supported and valued.

Jenny is fantastic at working with and involving parents and the community in Guiding.  She encourages parents to work on stalls to sell biscuits and at their market stall, works with the Scouts to ensure their hall is well maintained, knows most of the community in general and is definitely not afraid to ask for help and support for Guiding. 

Jenny is very good at noticing potential leaders and leaders who would make great members of other teams.  She has an excellent ‘handle’ on her units and leaders, and very early on will ‘ear mark’ them for future positions, when she feels they are ready to be approached.  I feel that this is why we never seem to have any problems finding leaders for her team, as she is always planning ahead and looking at people’s strengths, to see where these could be best utilised.

she makes a huge positive contribution to the community and encourages her units to do so also.  Jenny creates opportunities for this to happen by working with community members to find out what the needs are, and encourages her leaders and girls to be involved and meet these needs.

Jenny has been in Guiding for 50 years in Waipukurau, so has had a huge impact on Guiding in this area for an incredibly long time.  As a District Coordinator and more currently as the Local Coordinator, Jenny ensures she makes the time to regularly visit all of her units, to see how she can support them.  Therefore all of the leaders and girls know her incredibly well, and know that she is there for support as needed.  Jenny always actions and follows through with every issue/concern/need for her team and the girls, and will not rest until things are organised and sorted. 

Jenny is always positive about Guiding, wears her uniform with pride, promotes it to others and does everything she can to promote Guiding in her township.  E.g. recently the girl numbers went down significantly in her units, so she contacted me (RHC) and asked me to organise advertising.  This was organised and worked well, with around 6 new girls being enrolled in her units. 

Jenny has make a huge positive contribution to Guiding in Waipukurau and therefore the organisation, and will continue to do so for many years to come.  She will continue to ensure that girls in her township have the opportunity of a positive Guiding experience and all that this brings for them.  This is hugely valuable for Guiding, as because of the positive experience these girls receive, they are happy to give back to the community as they grow up, often becoming leaders and continuing to have a positive impact in communities.

Jenny has achieved a lot over the years, but since her last award has been a District Coordinator for 5 years and has now been a Local Coordinator for 6 months.  Also since her last award, she has become an Assessor, member of the Regional Outdoor Team, has recently attended the NLDP Coordinator training, as well as the Xero training and Experience Coordinator’s workshop in 2012.  Jenny has attended and organised a huge number of events also, such as the roll out sessions of the new programmes over the past couple of years, regional leader and girl events, and the roll out of the New GirlGuiding.

Jenny has worked tirelessly over the years, having a decent workload at all times, particularly whilst DC or LC and being on a regional team at the same time.

As mentioned above Jenny has been consistently supportive of all team members over the years and continues to be.  Also described above is her passion, enthusiasm and positivity about Guiding never ceases and is certainly contagious to everyone who works with her.  She will continue to be a positive role model for Guiding for years to come.

The Central Hawkes Bay community thank you and are proud of your work Jenny.