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During September and into October, rural Buglaries have been on the rise. Our biggest concern is the number of fire arms being stolen. While all property can be replaced either by insurance or at personal cost, stolen fire arms are most often distributed amongst the criminal fraternity. A single burglary of this type often yields 5-6 firearms. This is the ideal reward for the offenders as there is always ready cash available from the likes of criminal gangs.

I appeal to all gun owners to take extra  care securing your fire arms. It may be inconvenient but but the consequences of not doing so could prove dire. 

In town, we have had reports of personal property being stolen from parked cars. Unfortunately, in nearly all cases, the cars were left unlocked. Unfortunately the small country town ethics of trust are long gone. We all need to adopt the attitude of "Lock It or Lose It". This applies to our homes as well.

Medallion Pet Foods had 6 large plastic bins stolen from the factory yard, valued at between $300-$400 each. These bins are large and easily identifiable.

Approximately 100 metres of 100x50 mm tannilised timber was stolen from a farm on Farm Rd over the week-end. This timber was in 5 metre lengths and had only been delivered two weeks prior to the theft, so should still be quite wet and new looking. Each board will have "Ruahine Timber" stamped on the end.

I f you know anything about stolen fire arms or have been offered guns for sale, or if you see or hear anything about the stolen bins or timber, contact me on 021 191 3309 or CIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111 or Your information will be treated confidentially.