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Over the past month or two, dishonesty offening has been on the increase, in particular, burglary. Offenders have struck in both urban and rural areas, with farmers losing some high value equipment and livestock. Some incidents have been more niusance value that anything else, but that does not alter the fact that some low life has invaded the sanctity of your home or private property. 

The community as a whole needs to become more pro-active in protecting their property. CCTV camera systems have become very affordable, and the technology has improved in leaps and bounds. The system can be accessed via a Smart Phone giving you access to your camera system where ever you may be.

Sensor lights and gate alarms have all become very affordable, and while not fool proof, all serve as a deterrant.

Shoplifters have also been busy in the CBD lately. Some business owners have installed well placed camera's in their shops, which have resulted several offenders being identified and prosecuted. 

It is a sad realisation, that we have to go to such lengths to protect ourselves and our property from a handful of dishonest, imorral people, but unfortunately they are here to stay, and we need to do it to them before they do it to us.

Keep police informed by calling Crimestoppers 0800 555 111