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The Central Rural area is once again becomming the target for thieves and burglars. Over the past 2 weeks three farms have been "hit" by burglars. A farmer in Linsay Rd lost 2 late model Honda ATV's along with three smaller 2 wheel motor cycles, a chain saw  , leaf blower and an edge trimmer. These were taken from a shed situated right beside the main house. The burglars took advantage of a stormy windy night which would have masked any noise they made.

A farmer on Maharakeke Rd lost well over 300 lts of petrol from a farm storage tank. The tank was situated inside an implement shed about 400 m from the road. The offenders cut the padlocks on the road gate and on the fuel tank before draining the tank. To make matters worse , they returned about 2 days later to try again, but fortunately the owner had not refilled the tank.

A farmer on Ashley-Clinton Rd lost approximately $800 worth of Calf milk powder which was brazenly removed from a pallet in a farm shed apparently in broad daylight.

We are appealing to farmers to be vigilant and to do their level best to secure high value items. 

The Takapau Tennis club and the adjacent bowling club building were broken into last week by juveniles. Although they were not successful in gaining entry to the tennis club, they have caused a lot of damage trying. The bowling club however was a different story, the offenders gained entry through a small toilet window and then embarked on a rampage of distruction, smashing just about every bit of crockery in the club kitchen, and setting off 2 dry powder fire extinguishers inside the building. The premises are no longer used by the club members, but are leased to the LIONS as storage for the books for the annual book sale. There are currently several hundred books in the building, set out on tressel tables, some of which have also been damaged. Two local youths are currently being dealt with in relation to this offending.

On the 24th September, a large trampoline was stolen from a Highgrove Pl property. It is a Hills brand and has a large "X" in the centre of the mat.

Any information relating to criminal offending can be passed on annonymously to CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111

On a different note, with the school holidays underway and warmer weather approaching, please be vigilant on the roads. There will be more children out and about on bikes and on foot.

Lets have a safe start to summer.