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# July is the month to plan what you ,would like to achieve this coming spring .New veggie beds, a specimen tree to provide shade, spruce up the patio, add to the orchard, add to the rose bed. The maintenance jobs are the same as you would have read last year...but they are all well worth doing. 

# Purchase new roses now. Dig a good size hole, make a mound in bottom, spreading roots over it[ cut back any damaged roots]. Add good compost too hole and firm down. Water well. Make sure the budded union is at ground level and not buried. Stake standards at planting and tie well.

# Rose pruning can be started now, maybe start with climbers, standards and those in sheltered positions. Remove dead and spindly growth, opening centre of plant, leaving any that look new, usually green and maybe burgundy-like, cut back by a third. These are very basic rules so look at each bush as an individual before you start cutting[ you can't put it back on!!!] Any problems e-mail me on

# If you need new strawberry plants they are available in garden centres now. Plants generally need replacing after 3 years or you can use the runners.

# Clean out fish ponds. Leave some of the old water in it as this contains the good bugs that help breakdown the fish waste and excess food. Do not feed them over winter as they are not as active.

# Feed potted polyanthus, primula's and pansies.  A little dried blood often does wonders. Take dead flowers off pansies, at base of stem. This will encourage more flowers rather than them going too seed.

#  Continue to prune trees ,deciduous shrubs and vines, while they are bare of leaves. You can see their shape and framework , their sap is down, and this will encourage new growth come spring.