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# What a lovely Autumn we have had. Now focusing on what has to be done in the garden before winter hits.

#  Move those frost tender plants that are in containers to a warmer place or organise the frost cloth cover, for example, your kaffir lime or lemon grass.

# Cut back dahlias,  paeonia,  lift gladioli and hang in a dry place.

# Dig kumara and leave on top of soil to dry for a few days. Harvest pumpkins, dunk in a solution of diluted janola, before storing.

# Remove old tomato plants but don't put in the compost as disease can be carried over.

# In the greenhouse you can remove tomato and cucumber plants but leave the chilli and pepper plants as these will go on for awhile yet. Add some new compost and plant some cut and come lettuce and pertpetual spinach to pick before spring when you replant[don't forget to rotate your tomatoes or replace the soil]. More about that in August.

#  Trim your hedges as growth is minimal between now and spring, so they will keep their shape over winter

# Don't waste those autumn leaves, stock pile beside your compost bin to add to your green waste during the year. We always tend to have more green than carbon rich or brown matter such as fallen leaves.

\# Plant lily bulbs and freshen up containers with potted colour such as pansy or polyanthus.

# Order new rose bushes and think about that new fruit tree or specimen tree you may need or want!!!! Get in early so you don't miss out.