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# October is a busy month in the garden, particularly in the vegetable garden. But be warned, some things prefer it quite warm so don’t be in too big a hurry. Wait until the end of the month to sow sweet corn and bean seeds, and the planting out of cucumber, kumara and tomato plants. It is now when you wish you had a greenhouse.

# Start to fertilise, as the soils warm up, plants put on growth, especially roses, fruit trees and citrus. Citrus can be quite yellow due too the cold winter so specific citrus food and some compost is beneficial, likewise with black passion fruit.

# Watch for slug and snail damage on emerging delphiniums, hostas, gypsophila and dahlias.

# Sow pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini etc. seeds in peat or paper pots and place in a warm spot, too plant out later without disturbing their roots.

# Keep garlic well feed and watered to get good big clumps. Use worm wee or liquid food every 3 weeks. It is good time to think about buying a worm farm so you have your own supply of a very good plant food.

# There is still time to plant a few potatoes for Christmas dinner. Choose a variety that matures 70 to 90 days e.g. Rocket or Swift.

# Don’t forget the flower garden!! Re plant containers with summer flowering annuals like petunia and lobelia. Impatiens, for the shade, does better when it’s a bit warmer, at end of month.

# Fertilise and spray lawns for weeds. Don’t cut lawns too low. Raise the lawn mower blades and mow more often.

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