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# We are now busy watering, feeding and harvesting. But we also need to be thinking about winter. As the summer crops finish it is time to plant leeks, brussel sprouts, broccoli and the like. Sow seeds of carrot, parsnip, turnip and swede.

# Protect brassicas from white butterfly by covering crop with the new insect mesh, rather than using derris dust.

# Dead head roses, dahlias and perennials reqularly to encourage flowers all summer.

# Harvest garlic and onions when the leaves start to go brown and die off. Fork out and lay in sun for a few days before storing in dry place.

# Dead head agapanthus now to stop them spreading.

# Prune stone fruits now, when crop has finished. Summer pruning is encouraged to stop the spores of the debilitating silver leaf disease from entering pruning wounds and infecting the tree.

Pip fruits can be left and pruned in winter.

# Remove the lowest leaves from tomatoes to allow sun on trusses of fruit. Feed with liquid fertiliser reqularly.