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# Sow Broad Beans and they will grow, then sit all winter and set beans when it begins too warm up in spring. Remember to put at the back as they can get quite tall by early summer.

# Sow Sweet Pea seeds in a warm, well drained position, with compost and a little lime and they will flower in spring.

# Leaves on deciduous trees begin to colour and drop off. Keep in a pile beside the compost bin to be the brown or carbon layer when making compost.

# Time to plant bulbs to give you spring flowers such as daffodils, freesias, tulips, hyacinths, anemone and ranunculus.

# Store pumpkins in a cool dry place and don’t forget to check them every now and then for signs of decay. Painting with a dilute solution of Janola and water will help kill bugs that can cause them to decay.

# The last of the summer annuals can be remove and summer perennials cut back. Plant stocks or pansies in the gaps.

# Replant pots and baskets with pansies, primula or polyanthus. Replace the old potting mix, as this will have new fertilizer in it.

# Topdress lawns to hasten recovery from damage suffered  during summer.

# Plant bassicas, silver beet and spinach. Mound up celery and leeks.