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Updated: 4 min 52 sec ago

Pakistan tight-lipped on Saudi Arabia troop mission

51 min 31 sec ago
Details sketchy on deployment of more than 1,000 soldiers on 'train and advise' mission in the kingdom.

'They need to listen to us': Florida survivors demand action on gun control

52 min 1 sec ago
A week after 17 people were killed at a high school in Florida, the local sheriff announced that he has ordered deputies to start carrying rifles on school grounds.

Democratic Republic of Congo: a country on the brink

53 min 38 sec ago
Despite what President Kabila and his supporters may say, everything is not 'fine' in DR Congo.

Some missing schoolgirls 'rescued' in Nigeria's Yobe

1 hour 2 min ago
'Some schoolgirls' reportedly rescued but dozens missing following Boko Haram attack on a boarding school in Yobe state.

US gun control: Students urge Trump to 'do the right thing'

1 hour 40 min ago
Students who escaped the deadly school shooting in Florida have voiced their anger and frustration at President Trump during a listening session on school safety at the White House.

World leaders abandoning human rights: Amnesty

2 hours 53 sec ago
Regressive policies and hateful rhetoric by leaders such as Trump, Putin, and Xi undermining rights worldwide: Amnesty.

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels advance towards Afrin

3 hours 44 min ago
Syrian rebels backed by Turkey say they have taken more positions from Kurdish fighters around the city of Afrin.

Venezuelan opposition to boycott 'fraudulent' election

11 hours 43 min ago
Democratic Unity movement says conditions lacking for fair elections, and makes demands for it to participate.

Pakistan Supreme Court bans ex-PM Sharif as party head

12 hours 6 min ago
Pakistan's Supreme Court bars Nawaz Sharif from heading the country's ruling party amid corruption allegations.

UN demands halt of 'monstrous campaign' in Syrian town

12 hours 19 min ago
Top UN officials condemn unrelenting bombardment of Syrian enclave as air strikes continue and death toll nears 300.

Hate groups in US grow for third straight year: SPLC

12 hours 33 min ago
The number of hate groups has grown by 20 percent since 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center said in a new report.

Is the golden age of water over?

13 hours 36 min ago
Cape Town is facing 'day zero' when the city's taps will be shut off.

Senator: Rodrigo Duterte's drug war has killed 20,000

14 hours 27 min ago
Rights group says report underscores need for a UN-led investigation into Rodrigo Duterte's deadly anti-drug policy.

'Assault on the poor': S Africa's new budget slammed

14 hours 57 min ago
Uncertainty surrounds South Africa's latest budget as observers critique an economy in trouble, and wonder whether the finance minister will stay on or leave.

Dozens of Nigerian girls feared abducted by Boko Haram

15 hours 4 min ago
More than 110 schoolgirls are missing a day after suspected Boko Haram fighters attacked their school, police say.

Tonga cleans up after devastating Cyclone Gita

16 hours 22 min ago
Tongans embark on recovery efforts after getting slammed by Category 4 cyclone.

World-renowned US evangelist Billy Graham passes away

17 hours 2 min ago
The country preacher who took his message worldwide, preached to more people than anyone else and broke traditional barriers has died. We take a look at his life.

Canada's PM Trudeau denies support for Sikh separatists

17 hours 7 min ago
In a meeting with an outspoken minister for Punjab state, Justin Trudeau says Canada supports 'a united India'.

Husband of Briton jailed in Iran for spying wants talks

17 hours 22 min ago
Jailed charity worker's spouse pushes for meeting with an Iranian diplomat who is in London for a visit.

If not now, when should Europe recognise Palestine?

17 hours 57 min ago
It is high time for European states to follow Sweden's lead and recognise Palestine's statehood.