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C.H.B Grey power is an advocate for those 50+
 From 2017 we will be meeting monthly on the last Thursday of the month.

Grey Power C.H.B   is just one of the many branch of GREY Power is an
organisation , the largest nationwide organization representing seniors .
  Grey Power has a real role to play as they have the policies in place and
they negotiate on behalf of this Grouping with the government of the day.
Grey Power require “ positive thinking people” to Be involved and the
members have to provide positive input for the greater good of the Grey Power
Movement, who represent them
GREY POWER POLICIES the formalized policies that cover
Health,Superannuation.local body, Law & Order, Taxation,energy,social
services .
GREY POWER LOCAL INVOLVEMENT with Councils in the provision of senior needs
and discussions via the “Positive Aging Forum” and Annual Plan
  These are just a few of the reasons why people are motivated to joined the
organization      and work towards the collective good for  all
So if this sounds like you , Why not come and join us.  Click on heading for contact details.

# Early spring can be frustrating for us gardeners. We are keen to get planting but we have to remember how changeable the temperatures can be. Later in the month you can begin to sow seeds of tender plants such as cucumbers, pumpkins, cucumbers and tomato seeds in containers in a greenhouse or somewhere warm and protected from frosts. These can then be planted out mid October, depending on the weather. But don't forget  to harden them off before planting out into the elements. Be weary of frosts to avoid disappointment!!!!

# Top up veggie bins with compost and sheep pellets. Dig in cover crops that have been cut down. It will then be ready for planting into in October.

Ongoing Quiz

Winter – Spring 2016

Help us

  1. Raise money for CHB SPCA
  2. Find CHB’s Mastermind(s) for 2016


DONATE a gold coin (or more!) at one of the following venues:

  • Vet Services HB (Takapau Rd)
  • Waipawa Library
  • Waipukurau Library

YOU will be given a quiz sheet which you can complete at your leisure.


IF you wish to be included in the Mastermind competition as an individual or a team or just wish to know your score

  • Return your answers to one of the above venues by the date shown on the quiz sheet, OR
  • Email your answers to

ALLOW two days for marking after the closing date.


Good Day,
Just read the article on wasp problems in Central Hawks Bay.  Using a digger
to expose nests is very expensive and labour intensive. There is a new
product on the market called vespex, a Kiwi invented bate for the eradication
of wasps.  Check it out, it could save a lot of money as it is set as lure
bate and killed 95% of the wasps in the Beech tree forest in South Island
during trials by MAFF and DOC. Could save the council and rate payers a lot
of money.

Congratulations to the Deakin Brothers for their tenacity in getting started on the demolition of the old Waipukurau hospital buildings.

As a community we wish them well with their endeavours on this project knowing that almost anything they do to this site will be an improvement on what we have currently.  Big thumbs up.  These photos were taken 24 February the top ones just a week later on 2 March.  Excellent progress...

Policing throughout the western world is changing from the heavy punitive action of "Fire Brigade" policing (i.e. responding to crime after it has been committed), to the more preventative approach, where we use historically gathered intelligence to identify social and community issues which may be contributing to the problem. Then, using the assistance of partner organisations such as Safer CHB, Ministry of Social Development, Housing NZ, endeavour to put programs in place to assist these communities to rise above the issues which are dogging them.

Don't get me wrong, we still have zero tolerance toward anti-social behavior, and our courts are still busy every day, but we envisage that, over time, we can get these numbers down thereby making our communities safer places to live.

Monthly respiratory clinic at CHB Outpatients Department- always last Thursday of the month.  Clinic appointments in Napier Monday to Friday also. (asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / COPD, bronchiectasis etc)
For free education and support by Respiratory Nurse Educators.  Lung function tests (spirometry) completed (charges apply)   bookings by appointment Toll Free for cell or landline  0800 ASTHMA / 0800 278462

Monthly Breathe Easy Support Group meets in CHB - call for more details.
Contact Person: Toni Hewett
Phone or Mobile Number: 0800 278 462 or TEXT 022 694 2872
Email Address:
Web Address:

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